MYSTICISM OF ANDALUSIA: Exploring HaRambam's Mystical Tradition

Why Read the Mysticism of Andalusia: Exploring HaRambam’s Mystical Tradition?
We spend most of our lives in a state of lower consciousness principally concerned with ourselves, our survival and avoiding personal suffering. HaRambam recorded an ancient rabbinic tradition that offers practical exercises and principles allowing one to access parts of the higher mind by loosening the hold of the ego, casting off brittle pride and stress and embracing the infinite love and awe of God. HaRambam refers to those moments of higher consciousness as momentary flashes of light that illuminate a dark night.

The Mysticism of Andalusia is written for those interested in an authentic Jewish spiritual practice. This journey involves embracing ideas that resonate with one’s values, preserve one’s commitment to reason and are consistent with a 3300-year-old spiritual tradition.

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